Twitter reaction to Obama presser on Tax deal

It ain’t pretty.

RT @emptywheel: To be fair, about only Progressives who have gotten O’s attention–on DADT, even if no win yet–are those who took themselves hostage at WH.

RT @poopaltar Obama: Call me a Nazi, we’ll deal. Vote for me, f— you. Hold the country hostage? How much you want.

RT @brianbeutler: Dear @joshtpm. I’ve been taken hostage. They seem serious. Please send $10,000 to my paypal account so I can issue ransom.

RT @peterdaou Why does it escape Dems that it’s good politics & good policy not to water down your principles but to fiercely defend them?

RT @Atrios: f— the left, they don’t vote for us anyway

RT @JoeSudbay: Yes, two years in to the Obama presidency, we do need to know what his core values are.

RT @HunterDK: Shorter Obama: It’s your own damn fault for believing in me.

RT @ThisBowers: If you don’t have a way to win the next fight, don’t give in on this one. There is no plan for victory in the future, at all.

RT @ggreenwald most intense passion Obama exhibits is when he gets to explain why Left is so misguided: he really lights up; it’s inspiring

RT @marcslove I wish Obama would express half the anger he expressed at his disappointed base today towards the Republicans.

RT @HunterDK: Yes, it’s the liberals’ fault again. if we’d just shut up America could be governed completely by GOP ideas, which would be much easier.

RT @pourmecoffee What the GOP just heard: “Find hostage for Social Security and entitlement cuts.”

RT @mattyglesias: Obama presser seemed like open invitation for progressive members of congress to try to hold this deal hostage in hope of more concessions.

RT @Devilstower: Please don’t allow Obama to be my negotiator if I’m ever taken hostage. Thanks.

RT @Atrios: so i guess i should take some hostages

RT @brianbeutler: Obama: This is like the public option fight all over again where I caved and opposed the thing that reduced the deficit.

RT @AdamSerwer: But you know, day after reversing one of your biggest campaign promises probably not a good time to slam your base

RT @DavidCornDC: If I were a pundit, I’d predict this will be a turning point in Obama presidency, esp. re his relationship with his base.

RT @kombiz: my big problem with deal is not extending UI during deep recession has become the new normal and not seen as radical

RT @DavidCornDC: The strategic intent of this press briefing should have been for O to say he got the best of the Rs. That’s not what came out of this.

RT @kausmickey Dude is way too sensitive to left blogosphere and NYT ed page.

RT @DavidCornDC He had a point? Messaging disaster–the public is with me but I have to give in, anyway?

RT @HunterDK Someone start up a series of YouTube videos called “It Will Not Get Better” for Obama.

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