Sunday morning open thread

Joe is going to be very upset that’s he’s missing a potential winter storm in DC. The city is expecting anywhere from 3 to 7 inches, last time I checked. Here in the Chicago area there’s a nice couple of inches on the ground, and another couple expected tonight. It’s beautiful and upper 20s. Not too shabby. (Ignore the false date stamps on the photos, it’s a cute little thing my iPhone program does to the photos.)

I was walking the dog earlier this evening, and for a moment remembered what it was like, all bundled up as a kid, walking around at night in the snow and the cold, looking at the Christmas lights as the entire town seemed asleep. My town goes nuts for Christmas lights, and I love it. It was a light snow, but coming down hard enough that I could hear it hitting my down coat.

Crossing the bridge, entering my home town. God, does that shot just reeks of the midwest. Low and flat, as far as the eye can see.

Sasha is responding to her first week or so of snow with indifference. It’s definitely not her thing. She’s almost dainty trying to walk around it, as best she can. And with her fur, her feet become big balls of snowy ice every time I walk her. Mom’s dog can’t get enough. Sasha, not so much.

Sasha’s has, however, found the perfect place to burrow under the bed in my old bedroom.

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