Senator Joe Manchin Receives DADT Petitions from gay vet

A West Virginia gay veteran, Pepe Johnson, delivered nearly a thousand petitions to Senator Manchin to get him to change his muddled homophobic position and vote with the rest of the Democratic Senators to overturn the egregious DADT policy.

A West Virginia veteran discharged from the US Army for being gay took part in delivering nearly a thousand petitions to the offices of Sen. Joe Manchin Wednesday.

The petition campaign was organized in response to the Senator’s vote last week that would have repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Pepe Johnson, a native of Clarksburg, received an honorable discharge nearly eight years ago after “coming out” to his Army commander at Fort Sill, in Oklahoma.

I just called Senator Manchin at (202)224-3954 and asked where he stood, and his staffer said he hadn’t spoken with Manchin. I suggest others do the same and demand he support the repeal of DADT. The American people are behind this and any Democrat who does not support this, whether in the House or Senate, needs to become targeted by gay rights groups and shamed into supporting it.

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