Sargent: ‘only way Dems can walk out of the lame duck session with a genuine victory is to repeal’ DADT

There’s lots of DADT news buzzing around this morning. Sorting through it now. But, I wanted to start the day with this admonition from the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent:

So the only way Dems can walk out of the lame duck session with a genuine victory is to repeal don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

It’s good to see that White House officials are still privately signaling that they want a vote. But it’s anything but assured, obviously.

Getting Republicans to agree to a vote on New START, while hugely important, wouldn’t count as winning something. It has been endorsed by a whole range of GOP foreign policy experts and former officials. It should be a no-brainer. Repealing DADT is the only remaining way this year for Dems to remind their supporters that they are still capable of winning, that there’s a reason to elect Democrats, and that Dems aren’t pathologically predisposed to getting rolled in the name of “compromise.”

Just do it. No nonsense about the calendar. No excuses about GOP obstructionism. Make it happen.

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