Obama to host CEO summit this week

Creating jobs is obviously highly important these days. Re-building the middle class as opposed to the upper-class warfare against everyone else needs at least the same level of attention. When you look at the outrageously high annual income of these business leaders, does anyone honestly believe they have any idea what their workers are facing in this environment? These are the people who often profit from firing thousands of workers, so what’s in their best (financial) interest is hardly in line with what’s good for the US or employees. CNN:

In an effort to “drill down” on the best way to accelerate job creation, the White House says President Obama will meet with business leaders at the Blair House Wednesday as part of a strategy session.

“The biggest challenge we face moving forward is not competition between Democrats and Republicans, but in making sure we are preparing the next generation to compete globally,” said White House Deputy Communications Director Jen Psaki.

“The working session is an opportunity for the President to continue building strong partnerships in the business community toward that goal,” she said.

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