Maddow on Obama’s train-wreck press conference

Rachel Maddow takes on the Obama impromptu press conference (our coverage is here), and takes no prisoners. The blurb for this segment is “Obama lashes the left”. Rachel lashes Obama, with his own words.

Some short comments of my own:

About that “public option” whining, Krugman noted today:

And beyond that, who are these purists? Yes, a few people on the left refused to support health reform over the lack of a public option — but not many. To the extent that Obama has had trouble selling that plan, “purists” weren’t a factor; his own lack of effective messaging was.

Lack of effective messaging — something John and Joe have been pointing out for at least a year.

About that “tough” press corps, like the known-right Chuck Todd (4:25 in the clip). Many commenters have noted that this is as tough as the press has been on a president in a long while. The reason seems obvious — they’re playing a political version of Let’s You and Him Fight. The “tough questions” seem designed to stimulate Obama’s obvious, eager anger at the left, the goal being to damage the left (and Obama) even more.

About this: “The American people are on our side” (6:00 in the clip). Actually, no. Polling on tax cuts for Our Owners runs consistently negative. And even the Teabaggers love their Social Security. So where is that coming from? Personal animus seems the obvious choice.

And finally, “I’ll take John Boehner at his word” (8:00). Really? Rachel handles that in the segment, but it was stunning to hear him say it. Whose life is he living?

Frankly, this deal, and this presser, feel like major turning points. Hard to tell about turning points until they’re stuck in the rear view mirror. But still, I’ve had the feeling that this Lame Duck for the Ages would leave a very large mark, and I don’t think, yet, I’m wrong. 2012 looms large.


Update: Added link to support the point that polling does not support the president’s tax “deal”.

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