It was Obama’s decision to wait until now to do DADT

Well, he’s got two weeks. Then it’s “political disaster” time for him, HRC, Solmonese, Stachelberg, Raben, Tobias Wolfe, and all the other apologists who got us where we are today.

Since Obama was sworn into office, the question has never been if, but always when and how, he would get Congress to overturn the law. It was a campaign pledge, and when Gates and Mullen met with Obama after his inauguration, a senior administration official said the president told them: “I don’t believe in ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and I want it repealed. . . . We’re going to do it together.”

The three men decided 2010 would be the year, partly because they knew building a winning case would take time. Polling shows about six in 10 Americans support overturning the ban, but to sway skeptical lawmakers, proponents would need statistically sound evidence to alleviate concerns that allowing gays to serve openly would interfere with combat readiness.

And correction: It’s all been, “not when, but if.”

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