If gays were poker chips….

We’ve been told that “time is our enemy” on getting DADT repealed because the Senate has so many other crucial issues to focus on during this lame duck session – issues more important than the national defense bill, apparently.

We’ve already learned that one of those issues is the impeachment of a judge that probably none of you have ever heard of, and can wait until next year. Well, another crucial issue has arisen that is also more important than our national defense (and our civil rights) – online gambling.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is pushing behind the scenes for lame-duck legislation that would allow poker games over the Internet but restrict initial licenses to casinos and racetrack operators that have been in businesses at least five years.

Some of the biggest casino operators in Reid’s home state of Nevada are eager to get a piece of the online gambling industry, which generates an estimated $5 billion a year for offshore operators.

I’m sure the ability to gamble online will be comforting to all the gay kids thinking of killing themselves because our government continues to tell them that they’re not equal.

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