BREAKING: There will be a vote on Defense bill this afternoon, but no deal for GOP votes

UPDATE @ 3:35 PM: Senate is voting to end the filibuster right now.
The Majority Leader just said on the Senate floor, “I’ve bent over backwards to find a way to get this bill done…but, it’s clear that Republicans, led by a few of them, don’t want to have a vote on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Reid said repeatedly that no matter what he did, he couldn’t win because the rules kept being changed.

There will be a vote. But, there’s no deal to bring in GOP votes. No Susan Collins. This dooms the chances for passing the DADT language this year.

Process is trumping equality and fairness in the Senate — again.

How can these people live with themselves?

More soon.

UPDATE @ 3:24 PM: Senator Collins is on the floor, claims she’s been trying to figure out what Reid was offering. She is posing questions to Reid through the chair. She admitted that Reid offered her 10 amendments.

Reid basically said that all 42 GOPers signed a letter stating that they wouldn’t allow any movement legislatively — and they proven it.

Collins “I want to vote to proceed to this vote.” Then, here’s an idea: Vote for Cloture.

At 3:30 PM ET, Reid moved to proceed.

That was an intense colloquy between Reid and Collins.

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