Both sides may let Defense bill ‘die on cloture vote, hoping to blame each other for killing it’

One of the inside-the-beltway publications foresees doom for DADT repeal. From National Journal:

DON’T EVEN ASK. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said on Saturday that he did not think it was possible to meet Republican demands for an open amendment process on the Defense authorization bill, which would include a repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” The open amendment process could doom the Defense bill. Even Republicans who support the provisions, such as Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, say they won’t back cloture on the Defense bill without an open amendment process. Politically, both sides may be willing to see the bill to die on a cloture vote, hoping to blame the each other for killing it.

This comports with what we’ve been hearing and thinking. They’re going to play a blame game — so will we.

And, don’t forget, we need at least three GOPers — and we don’t have Lugar anymore. The Democrats now have 58 members in their Senate caucus. At least one, the ultra-homophobic Mark Pryor is not going to vote for anything that includes the DADT langage.

We’re heading off a cliff. This could have and should have been a slam-dunk. But, that team of geniuses at the White House set up a strategy that turned a solid win into a loss.

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