Palm Center tries to kill DADT repeal

It’s pretty clear to both Joe and me that the Palm Center is doing this on behalf of some other unnamed groups (with three-lettered-names), who are working  on behalf of an unnamed elected official who has a record of being rather un-fierce.  You can do the math.

We’ll be writing much more about this incredibly idiotic strategy in the coming hours and days.  But read this press release that the Palm Center is sending out to the entire world.  It’s an invitation for John McCain to kill the repeal of DADT.  It’s clearly part of some larger super duper 11th dimensional chess strategy, and it’s dumb as hell.  You can thank the Palm Center, and their secret patrons who convinced them to do this, when DADT repeal dies in the coming weeks.

Press Release from the Palm Center

NOVEMBER 15, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Link to this release online)

Contact: Cathy Renna, 917-757-6123, [email protected]


Santa Barbara, Calif. (November 15, 2010) – Today, OutServe and Knights Out issued a statement responding to current efforts in Congress to filibuster the FY2011 National Defense Authorization Act because of its inclusion of conditional repeal for the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ law and policy. The statement reads:

“There is nothing more important than loyalty to those with whom we serve. This means ensuring that no one issue interferes with funding the courageous and selfless work our fellow service members are doing around the world. Therefore, on behalf of the more than 1,000 active duty gay and lesbian service members and 500 gay and lesbian veterans we represent, we respectfully urge Congress to pass the FY 2011 National Defense Authorization Act to fund the aircraft, weapons, combat vehicles, ammunition and promised pay-raises for all troops, whether or not the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is included.”

“To be clear, we will continue to fight for our integrity as gay and lesbian service members and we hope that legislative action in Congress can be taken in 2010 to lift the ban. With the support of President Obama, Chairman Mullen, Secretary Gates and the reported seventy-percent of service members surveyed, a new day of openly gay service is at hand if Congress acts during this lame duck session. We are proud to serve in the United States Armed Forces today and tomorrow.”

OutServe is a network of approximately 1,000 active-duty soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, and members of the Coast Guard. JD Smith is a pseudonym.

Knights Out is an organization of West Point alumni, staff and faculty who are united in supporting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender soldiers to openly serve their country. The group has 203 members and graduate supporters and 462 allies.

The Palm Center is a think tank at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Since 1998, the Center has been a leader in commissioning and disseminating research in the areas of gender, sexuality, and the military.

This email is sent from:

Palm Center, University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9420
United States

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