NYT: Young voters feeling awfully disaffected

This could be any Democratic constituency. From the NYT:

Others, though, said the administration or Organizing for America, the group that grew from the Obama campaign, could have done more. Why didn’t Mr. Obama, who appeared on “The Daily Show” this week for the first time since taking office, go there more often, they asked? Why did he seem to refocus on young people only in the last few months, with campus rallies? The health care debate seems to have been where the momentum was lost. Even though Organizing for America held campus “teach-ins” with experts to explain the legislation, all the talk about Medicare led many young people to feel alienated and ignored by the president.

Younger voters said older ones seemed to become the priority. “He made young people feel important, then he got into office and there was no one talking to us,” Ms. Kirsner said.

Then there’s this.

“People were infatuated in 2008,” said Maddy Joseph, 20, a member of the group. “The reality has set in, and that’s frustrating for a lot of people.”

No, it’s not the reality. It didn’t have to be the reality. The President, and Democrats in Congress, chose not to push the agenda they promised, and they chose not to fight back when the Republicans repeatedly lied about the weak-tea agenda the Dems were in fact pushing. You bet that’s dispiriting. But was it inevitable? Only to the extent that today’s Democratic leaders have no backbone, yes. But it’s not inevitable in the sense that our leaders couldn’t have fought back harder. Yes, they could have. They simply chose not to.

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