CAP’s Stachelberg on DADT: ‘We are in a solid position to repeal’

Here you have it: Winnie Stachelberg, the Vice President of the Center for AmericanProgress, who, in May, claimed full credit for crafting the DADT compromise, now virtually assures us that the repeal will pass this year:

“We are in a solid position to repeal” the ban, said Wi
 nnie Stachelberg, a longtime gay rights lobbyist who works at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a liberal group closely allied with Democrats. But she described prospects as bleak next year, when Republicans assume control of the House and increase their numbers in the Senate. “Clearly a change in the leadership of the House presents very large problems.”

From what I can tell, Winnie is about the only person who thinks we are in a “solid position” right now. Let’s not forget, she is one of the ultimate “insiders” — people who seem more worried about preserving their access to the White House than pressuring the White House to do the right thing. She’s been at all the DADT-related meetings, even though she has no LGBT constituency. Maybe Stachelberg can share her strategy with Dan Pfeiffer at the White House.

Now, you can trust Stachelberg, which is risky, or listen to the words of Richard Socarides:

“Obama waited too long,” said Richard Socarides, a senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton on gay issues. “Now he’s got a dramatically changed political environment and the legislative repeal option seems pretty unlikely.”

Hint: I’d trust Socarides way more than Stachelberg.

John Aravosis is also quoted in that same article, as is Heather Cronk from GetEQUAL. As you might imagine, they have a markedly different perspective than that of Stachelberg.

If you’re in New York City, both Richard and Winnie are on a panel discussing DADT tomorrow night at the LGBT Center. Richard is moderating a panel that consists of Winnie, Jonathan Capehart from the Washington Post and Nathaniel Frank. You’ll never hear a negative word about the Obama administration from either Stachelberg or Capehart. It’s hard to find two bigger apologists. Nathaniel Frank is actually an expert on DADT and knows what’s been going on. Hopefully, he’ll get a chance to speak the truth while the other two do their spin.

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