Vets Dan Choi and Alex Nicholson talk DADT on AC360

This was an excellent segment. I watched it live last night. Choi and Nicholson make us proud. They are fierce advocates. And, they speak with moral authority on this issue. These guys want to put their lives on the line for us — again.
The final comments from Jeff Toobin are fascinating, too:

COOPER: Jeff, the Obama administration does not have to appeal this to the Ninth Circuit. I mean, they could just let this ruling stand.

TOOBIN: They could. And they are in a very bizarre position, frankly, of their own making.

But their view is, look. This needs to be done through the political process. They don’t want the courts to deal with this unilaterally. They want to get to the same result, but they want to do it through the political process, through the democratically- elected branches. But they may wind up losing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on both — in both counts.

I mean, they have a chance now, if they don’t appeal, that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is just gone. But if the Ninth Circuit overturned Judge Phillips’ decision, and Congress does not act to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” could be back, and the Obama administration could be responsible for that.

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