Palm Center says Obama doesn’t have to appeal DADT decision

What’s interesting about this statement just released by the Palm Center is that over the past few weeks, possibly even months, the Palm Center has given the appearance of being rather close to the administration. Some of their quotes in the press of late have almost seemed a tad too close at times. With that in mind, this statement today is quite extraordinary.  They’re basically calling the President out.


Legal experts have agreed that the Department of Justice is under no obligation to appeal this ruling. President Obama can end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ now simply by allowing Judge Phillips’s decision to stand. Should the administration continue to insist on waiting for Congressional action, we may have to wait many more years for the Pentagon to stop firing qualified men and women under this discriminatory policy.”

The Palm Center, a think tank at the University of California, Santa Barbara, produces scholarship designed to enhance the quality of public dialogue about critical and controversial public policy issues. Since 1998, the Center has been a leader in commissioning and disseminating research in the areas of gender, sexuality, and the military.

So we’re actually paying taxpayer money to pay people at the White House and the Department of Justice to manage relations with the gay community?  Those relations couldn’t be in more peril.  The amount of damage President Obama has done to the Democratic party’s traditionally strong ties with the gay community is immeasurable.  It only took him 19 months to undo decades of friendship.  And the same horror is playing out with the party’s relations with Latinos, enviros, labor and more.

You can only shit on people so many times.

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