On ‘Meet the Press,’ Gibbs again makes no sense on DADT

Robert Gibbs was on “Meet the Press” this morning. In my open thread, I wrote:

Robert Gibbs is the other guest on “Meet.” So, we may be treated to more garbled and incoherent answers about the President’s views on DADT.

And, as you’ll see, that’s exactly what we got. The last time Gibbs wasn’t completely illogical on DADT was during the transition. At AMERICAblog Gay this mornuing, Tim Beauchamp posted that video. I also posted this “Meet the Press” video at there, too.

Note that Gibbs will not say if Obama thinks DADT is unconstitutional. We’ve been trying to get an answer to that question directly for months. Instead, we’re told he hasn’t spoken to it. Same for DOMA. Please. Obama is a constitutional scholar. Laws that treat LGBT Americans as second-class citizens aren’t just discriminatory. Judges have found them unconstitutional. Obama just won’t say it. The White House must think it will look really bad if he goes to court to defend unconstitutional laws — instead of just discriminatory laws. It looks bad, period.

Just watch Gibbs. Keep in mind that he’s gotten DADT questions all week. Kerry Eleveld grilled him on Thursday. There’s still no coherent response. They still don’t have a plan:

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