Obama tells donors to stop sulking

Here’s a helpful hint that every spouse in America will back me up on: When someone is ticked at you, don’t tell them to get over it. Yet that’s what the President basically did again yesterday to Democratic donors.

Can you imagine a fight in the Obama household?

HER: “Why don’t you ever put the toilet seat down?”

HIM: “Get over it.”

HER: “Did you just tell me to ‘get over it’?”

HIM: “Whiner.”

HER: What? Where is this coming from?

HIM: Here we go, gonna get all wee-wee’d up on me.

Somehow I suspect he wouldn’t dare. From the Washington Post:

President Obama returned Wednesday night to his get-off-your-duffs message, warning Democrats at a low-key million-dollar fundraising dinner against “sulking and sitting back.”

Borrowing a line from Vice President Biden, Obama said that he shouldn’t be compared to the Almighty but to the alternative.

Here’ some of the transcript:

And we’re not finished — unless we lose sight of that long game and we start sulking and sitting back and not doing everything we need to do in terms of making sure that our folks turn out.

Joe Biden has a useful saying. He says, don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative. (Laughter.) And I think — I think Democrats would be well-served right now to just keep that uppermost in their minds.

No, wrong. We didn’t vote for “better than Bush.” Any Democrat would have been better than Bush. We voted for “change.” We voted for someone who promised to fight for a public option, who promised to be gays’ fierce advocate, who promised immigration reform in his first year, who promised to reform Wall Street, who promised no offshore drilling, who promised to be a champion of civil liberties, and on and on and on.

What we got is someone who seems unwilling to ever fight for anything he promised.  No compromise is too big or too early in the Obama household.

Make no mistake, no one outside of the White House is confusing Barack Obama with God, thank you very much. Nor are we confusing him any longer with the man who ran for President in 2008. I liked that guy. I have no idea who took the oath of office in his place.

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