MoveOn woman kicked & stomped by ‘Libertarian’ Tea Baggers outside Rand Paul debate

It’s starting.  The thugs are showing up at Teabagger events. Let’s see if they can spin this as “disaffected loner” material — if so, this “loner” brought friends.

Thanks to Joshua Green at The Atlantic for this (h/t Ian Welsh, who wants their names published):

A Kentucky reader sends word that according to the local Fox affiliate, a young woman affiliated with was brutally attacked–stomped in the head–outside the debate by a Rand Paul supporter [actually more than one].

Here’s the local news video. It’s short and to the point:


Thank God those were sneakers. Really ugly stuff. If a movement gives permission and makes excuses for violence, the result is violence. Willkommen.

(If you like, pay attention to how the Big Boy news handles this; watch to see if they walk too fine a line.)


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