Meg Whitman wants her former housekeeper deported

The Republicans never know when to say when with their nastiness. Even in a crowded field, Whitman takes the art to a new level. Thankfully Californians are going to take a pass on Whitman.

On Wednesday, she appeared on Fox News and took a harder line on Nicky Diaz Santillan, the illegal immigrant who Whitman employed as a housekeeper for nine years. Since the controversy erupted in September, Whitman has said both she and a hiring agency relied on documents that turned out to be false and that she fired Diaz Santillan when the woman disclosed her immigration status last year.

Until now she has declined to comment on whether the former housekeeper should be deported. But Wednesday, in an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Whitman answered the question head on. “Well, the answer is it breaks my heart, but she should be deported because she forged documents and she lied about her immigration status,” Whitman said. “And it breaks my heart. Gloria Allred pulled off a political stunt. And you know what? On Nov. 3, no one’s going to care about Nicky Diaz. But the law is the law and we live in the rule of law. It’s important.”

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