Gingrich promotes ‘no food stamps for the poor’ in campaign

Just so we’re clear on everything, it’s sound policy to take food from the poor even though this is the worst recession since the Great Depression and it’s common sense to give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans even though the income disparity is higher than during the Robber Barron years. Am I really hearing that correctly? What selfish bastards. People like Gingrich are the ones who are destroying America and making it a selfish society. Newsweek:

Say what you will about Newt Gingrich, but the man’s record includes the Herculean comeback of Republicans in 1994, thanks partly to the “Contract With America.” That’s why leading Republicans and GOP candidates are looking to Gingrich as the quarterback for the 2010 campaign. So what’s he advising they do?

Vilify food stamps. Gingrich more than most people knows that Washington tends to lock itself in intensely wonkish policy squabbles–need one say more than “budget reconciliation”?–that simply don’t resonate with the rest of the country. So to make it simple, Gingrich and his political action committee are sending a “close the deal” memo to Republican candidates, spelling it out in über-simple terms. What do you want more of: paychecks or food stamps?

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