Frank Rich: We’re watching ‘a billionaires’ coup’

Frank Rich has an interesting column that draws a nice line between the idiocy of Christine O’Donnell (our friend the Handmaiden) to the mega-billionaires who fund it, to what he calls a “coup” … in print.

The column is excellent, a nice walk through the garden of logic that gets him from A to B to C. Do check it out. I’ll leave you with just two quotes. The first:

Everyone knows that tax cuts for the G.O.P.’s wealthiest patrons must come out of Social Security and Medicare payments for everybody else.

And by the logic of post-election flim-flam, it all goes down in the lame duck session (or Lame Duck Session, since this will be a Lame Duck for the ages). Here we can watch both betrayals at the same time — the water will start to drain from the Social Security glass, straight to the Big Boy tax cuts glass. Voilà.

I plan to develop my list of good Dems–bad Dems after that session. The second quote, from Rich’s final paragraph:

Christine O’Donnell, Tea Party everywoman … just may be the final ingredient needed to camouflage a billionaires’ coup as a populist surge.

The whole close is strong, but I didn’t want to hide the bomb. “A billionaires’ coup.” Score one for the good guys.


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