David Axelrod is the newest White House official to think you’re total idiots

Valerie Jarrett got caught one too many times trying to mislead you last week, so now it’s David Axelrod’s turn.  The bottom line is that there are exceptions to the requirement to appeal, and in this White House our civil rights just aren’t considered important enough to pass muster.  But David Axelrod doesn’t want you to know that.

From the Washington Post:

“White House senior adviser David Axelrod defended the administration’s decision to appeal the case during an online video chat Tuesday. “It is the custom of the U.S. government to appeal laws of Congress that were challenged in lower courts,” he said during the chat, arranged by the White House. “It should be by no means read as an abandonment of a commitment, and we intend to keep it.”

In fact, as we already know, the White House has lots of other options here.  There is this, and this, and this, and this.

Axelrod isn’t outright lying to you, but he is trying to deceive you.  He wants you think that the White House has no option but to appeal, since that is “the custom.”  And it’s not true – they do have a choice, as most experts now agree. They simply don’t think your civil rights merit the exception, so our self-proclaimed “fierce advocate” continues to undercut our civil rights legal strategy in court, like the worst of the religious right bigots.

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