Bishop Long flaunts muscles in Church

Oh, no he did-unt. I know the title of this post sounds like the setup to some kind of joke, but think again.

Bishop Eddie Long has brashly posed in front of a bathroom mirror in both orange and black muscle shirts. Now he’s taken to wearing a white one to church.

That special scene came Tuesday when long appeared at his empowerment service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia. He didn’t reference the sex scandal that’s engulfed him and the 25,000-member church. But he did spend the evening dressed in a white muscle shirt, gray vest and slacks.

Let’s see if he sends a photo of that to any of the young men under his charge in the allegedly sketchy LongFellows Youth Academy. That’s the organization named in three of the four lawsuits filed against him by young men saying the anti-gay megapastor coerced them into sex.

Okay, we already know his judgment, and those who follow him, are in question but puh-lease. I can’t decide whether it is more arrogant or transparent for him to have worn a muscle shirt to preach for his adoring flock?

Long, dressed in a white muscle shirt, gray vest and slacks, spent at least 25 minutes after the service hugging congregants. During his sermon, though, the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia didn’t make any direct references to the sex scandal that has engulfed his ministry.

Special scene, indeed! Twenty-five minutes getting all his hugs in. What can we expect next from Long and his supplicants? Maybe he will dress in his leather chaps for a submission service?

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