Barney’s opponent compares gays to short people

Film critic Robert Ebert tweeted this link, saying “Gays: Read this and ask yourself again how mad you are at Democrats.”

The link is to a story about Barney Frank’s opponent, explaining (ludicrously) why he’s against repealing DADT.

The thing is: Is voting for Barney going to get DADT repealed this coming Congress? I can’t honestly tell you yes. And the larger question is: Where has Barney been the past two years? Have you heard him involved, at all, on gay rights issues in Congress? Anything?

Now, I’m sure HRC will claim that we all owe Barney as much “gratitude” as they think we owe the President – it’s HRC’s job to suck up to Democratic politicians who drop the ball. But when push came to shove, the House didn’t pass a repeal of DADT (they passed a weak-tea compromise that gives DOD, incredibly, veto power of any future repeal (and doesn’t even mandate when DOD has to make such a decision)). As for ENDA and DOMA, nowhere to be seen in the House. (And let’s not even talk about UAFA or that federal employees benefits bill.)

On the other hand, Barney was all over that DOMA incest/pedophilia brief… defending it. He also opposed the introduction of legislation repealing DOMA.

The lack of fierce advocacy in our movement doesn’t start and end with the White House and HRC. Barney’s been MIA for two years, and Jared and Tammy haven’t been much better. Our gay representatives in Congress have been downright mute as our best chance at passing signature gay rights legislation in a generation is now gone.

I don’t want to see Barney, Tammy and Jared lose, but only because the Republicans would be far worse than them. A pretty sad testament to all of our “fierce advocates” that the best thing we can say about any of them come election time is that they don’t suck as badly as anti-gay bigots.

And folks wonder why there’s an enthusiasm gap.

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