Another bumbling response on DADT from WH spokesman Robert Gibbs

And this is the guy some want to see head the Democratic party? He can’t do anything but mumble when asked about the President’s firm and repeated promises on gay civil rights. Of course, there was that time, right before Obama was sworn in, when Gibbs was unequivocal about doing away with DADT: “One word: Yes,” I believe was his answer, when asked if the President was going to get rid of the gay ban. Not so clear anymore, is he?

Obviously, I learned of, and haven’t been able to talk, as we were walking down here, anybody in the counsel’s office who might have had an opportunity to read this more closely. Obviously, there have been a number of court cases that have ruled in favor of plaintiffs in this case and the president will continue to work as hard he can to change the law that he believes is fundamentally unfair.

Fierce discomfort.

NB I got the full quote from the Advocate’s reporter Kerry Eleveld. You’ll only see a partial quote in the link to the story.

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