Another attempt by the Rutgers school paper to diminish Tyler Clementi’s death

It seems that more than a few readers, parents, and alumni got upset over an asinine editorial in the Rutgers school paper about the suicide of gay freshman Tyler Clementi. (You’ll recall that Tyler’s roommate secretly filmed him having sex on a date (with a guy), and then posted the film on Twitter.) The school paper objected to the fact that people from across America were touched, and angered, by the story, and that the gay community, at Rutgers and beyond, was demanding more tolerance.

So today the school paper published yet another asinine column, as part of its ongoing agenda to rob Tyler’s death of any meaning. In today’s column we learn that the anger many felt about the editorial is actually a greater crime than Tyler’s death. Seriously.

[T]he backlash against the article was more disgusting than the crime it discussed.

Angry words are actually worse than pushing a kid to kill himself?  Here’s the “proof” he offers of that absurd assertion:

Several posts have called for the resignation of the entire Targum board and one anonymous post went as far as to say of one board member, “send this russian peasant back to russia where he can write communistic editorials like the Kremlin likes.” A few alumni have even reported shame of being associated with the University and one called for the editors of the paper to leap off the George Washington Bridge themselves.

The calls to send the writer to Russia, for the board to resign and for the University to be ashamed of itself seem to me absolutely absurd. In fact, one comment went as far as to insist that the editorial “must be satire.”

Oh my, you mean people called on the board to resign? Clearly a fate worse than death.

Look, I’m not a big fan of people who wish death on others – and delete any such comments I (rarely) find on this blog – but let’s keep in mind that this was an editorial that was denigrating the importance of someone’s death. Those are fighting words sure to elicit an angry response.

I have to say, it sure is starting to look like the editor of the school paper isn’t a very big fan of the gay. First the editorial, now this. Maybe the critics were right. Maybe Rutgers does have a larger problem with intolerance than people realized.

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