Sen. Saxby Chambliss admits his office sent homophobic threat to Joe.My.God

More at Joe.My.God, of course:

The office of GOP Sen. Saxby Chamblis has admitted that it was their staffer that left the comment “All faggots must die” on this blog yesterday.

Last night, Olbermann covered the story with his guest, Dan Savage. I watched live. Dan was, as usual, just excellent:

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And, I’ll repeat what I wrote when we first learned this news: Why should anyone be surprised that an anti-gay threat came from the office of a GOP Senator when GOP Senators spent the day trashing gays and lesbians. Actually, the GOPers were trashing gay and lesbian servicemembers. They think that kind of talk is acceptable. And, I’m pretty sure they feel the same way about other non-members of their Confederacy.

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