Mormons promise to stop baptizing Holocaust victims (again)

The Mormons, who baptize the non-Mormon dead, have promised (again) to stop doing it to Holocaust victims. See, this has been an ongoing problem:

This is the latest development in a series of talks that began in 1994, when Jewish genealogist Gary Mokotoff alerted his peers to the LDS practice known as “baptism for the dead” in which living people stand in for the deceased to offer that person a chance to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the hereafter. Mormons believe it is their moral obligation to do the temple rituals, while those on the other side can choose whether to accept the action or not.

The proxy baptism practice was deeply offensive to many Jews, who had suffered so greatly for their faith.

So Mokotoff and a delegation met with LDS leaders, who agreed to remove Holocaust victims from their master list.

The task proved more difficult than they thought. Many of those names continued to appear in the database.

One recipient of a posthumous baptism was the mother of Barack Obama, a story first reported on

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