More on the ENDA protest against Rep. George Miller

Below are a couple of photos from the GetEQUAL/One Struggle One Fight/Pride at Work action at Rep. George Miller’s debate last night. My initial post from last night on the disruption of Miller’s debate is here. Miller chairs the House Education and Labor Committee, which has jurisdiction over ENDA. His committee has yet to even pass the ENDA bill.

Also, Karen Ocamb has a full report.

In response to any claims that ENDA will be taken up during the lame duck session, Robin McGehee said that’s not an option:

We have been hearing from folks on the Hill that we should relax and not worry about ENDA — that it will be passed during the lame-duck session after the mid-term elections, and we should just letpoliticians do their job. The problem is that we’ve been hearing that since Democrats took over as the majority in 2006 — four years ago — and we have seen no significant movement on ENDA. I find it difficult to believe that the Democratic leadership will suddenly find the moral courage they’ve been lacking for years in order to get this done. Without ongoing pressure, they will push both ENDA and the repeal of ‘Don’tAsk, Don’t Tell’ to the lame-duck session where both pieces of legislation will die a slow death or where we will be forced to choose one over the other. If we don’t fight tooth and nail against that scenario, the only lame ducks in that situation are the LGBT community

Robin is right. And, the GOPers are already gearing up to block any action during the lame duck, as we reported here.

That’s Rep. Miller between the “E” and the “N”:

From what I’m hearing, GetEQUAL has only just begun. A lot of promises have been made on giving ENDA a vote. Nothing has happened. And, it’s looking less and less likely that anything will happen on ENDA this year.

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