If Obama doesn’t appeal DADT case, DADT is gone

Joe wrote about this earlier, but as Mike Signorile just interviewed the lawyer behind the lawsuit, I thought it important to link to Mike’s story, but also more generally, reiterate this one fascinating point. If President Obama simply refuses to appeal the recent court decision that found “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” unconstitutional, DADT will be gone.

It’s that simple. It’s really that simple. The apologists can whine all they want about how powerless the leader of the Free World is to accomplish anything in this town, but here he holds all the cards. It is up to Barack Obama whether his own Justice Department appeals this DADT decision. If it does, then we have our final answer as to what this administration thinks of gay and lesbian Americans. They have the power to follow through on their own promises, to change our country and give hope to tens of thousands of US service members.

Will they?

Oh, and let’s have no more of this absurd “we’re only defending the rule of law” crap from the Obama White House. They don’t defend the rule of law when they refuse to enforce immigration laws. They don’t defend it when they refuse to enforce laws against the use of medical marijuana. This White House routinely refuses to enforce and defend laws that it doesn’t like, politically or otherwise. Yet when it comes time to not follow through on the President’s promises to America’s gay community, suddenly the White House develops a case of “we defend and enforce all laws.”

Well it’s a lie. And it’s one that’s causing increasing damage to this President’s relationship, and this party’s relationship, to a key Democratic constituency. The White House is lying to us. Think about that. Of all the things that I expected to change when we voted Bush out of office, and handed the presidency to Barack Obama, I expected at the very least that the President would stop lying to us.

And it is a lie. They don’t defend every law, they don’t enforce every law. It’s an outright lie every single time they tell us that they do.

Enough is enough. We voted for change. Let’s see some for a change.

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