If conservatives act like morons on camera, why does it matter if a liberal is holding the camera?

The Daily Caller has a post up about our good friends at New Left Media who do all the great video documentaries of Sarah Palin’s book signings, Glenn Beck’s rallies, and the Teabagger conferences. Putting aside the fact, for a moment, that the Daily Caller can’t even be bothered to get its facts straight – for instance, Erick and Chase at New Left never tell people they’re working on a school project, they identify themselves as journalists, albeit college students who are journalists.

Somehow, that’s very very sneaky to conservatives, actually telling people who you are when asked. So sneaky in fact, that the two guys who are just barely old enough to drink have now bamboozled the Teabaggers, the Beck fans, and the Palin fans with their young whipper-snapper tomfoolery.

An example the Daily Caller gives of just how sneaky Erick and Chase are when exposing what utter morons conservatives are at these rallies: Erick and Chase tell people that they attend Wright State, a college in Dayton, Ohio. Put aside for a moment the fact that the guys actually do go to school at Wright State. It seems that some of the people attending these rallies, and being interviewed by the guys, thought that Wright State was spelled Right State, and therefore the guys worked for RightState.com, a non-existent conservative Web site.

And this is the Daily Caller’s smoking gun that Erick and Chase are sneaky, and that conservatives attending these rallies aren’t morons?

Favorite quote from the Daily Caller piece:

Whiteside said it’s not his or Stoll’s fault if an interviewee confuses Wright State with Right State.

No, it’s not his fault that he told people the name of his university, when asked, and the people were simply morons.

But putting even all of that aside, is the Daily Caller really trying to tell us that the attendees at all these rallies are willing to be total idiots on camera for Chase and Erick because they thought the guys were conservatives? So you mean, they’d act smarter, or less crazy, if they knew the guys were liberals? How about they just act normal, and tell the truth, regardless of who’s doing the interview.

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