Good summary of where the DADT legislation stands

A thorough explanation of where the legislation stands, and what the pitfalls are.

As the article notes, one of the weirder aspects of the debate is John McCain’s claim that the legislation repeals “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” before DOD’s study is complete. The article takes a he-said-she-said approach to McCain’s argument. In fact, Mccain is lying, or senile, and they could have interviewed any lawyer, an objective lawyer, to prove the point, rather than simply quoting “Democrats” as disagreeing with McCain.

I have no problem with the media getting “both sides of the story” when there are two sides. When the GOP simply lies about something that is obvious on its face – read the legislation, it isn’t that long – I’m not sure the media should simply quote a Democrat responding to a Republican. Either get an independent source that verifies that the claim is bogus, or simply have the reporter weigh in and quote the language of the legislation that appears to make it rather clear that McCain is wrong.

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