Despite promises, Obama’s antitrust department ‘not markedly different’ than Bush

More of the same is not what we were promised. If the entire campaign is going to revolve around “change” than it’s only fair to expect change. Is there any wonder that there’s such a lack of enthusiasm on the left?

Instead, federal antitrust lawyers have eschewed aggressive litigation against big business in favor of a less-risky approach that works with companies to resolve anti-competitive concerns, according to many antitrust experts.

“They’re running a good shop. It’s just not markedly different,” said Albert A. Foer, president of the American Antitrust Institute, a research and advocacy group. “Anybody that wants to argue the Obama administration is anti-business or socializing America is not going to find much evidence in the antitrust division.”

A pattern is emerging in how the administration treats corporate America. In spite of some tough rhetoric, Obama has shown a certain reluctance to radically reshape industries. Rather than break up big Wall Street banks, the White House largely pressed to toughen rules as part of the financial regulatory overhaul. Instead of putting limits on how much bank executives earn, the administration encouraged federal supervisors to push these firms to tie pay to performance.

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