Anti-masturbation activist, witchcraft dabbling, GOP Senate candidate cancels on FOX News to go on Hannity for easier treatment

From Media Matters:

A Fox News source tells Media Matters that Christine O’Donnell’s decision to cancel an appearance on Fox News Sunday, but appear two days later on Sean Hannity’s show, indicated “she made a choice about interviews where she felt she would get a certain kind of treatment.”

Several media observers and ethicists, meanwhile, criticized Fox News for allowing O’Donnell to appear in what was clearly a friendlier environment just days after she canceled Fox News Sunday, with one observer declaring Fox’s handling of the situation “speaks to a lack of professional integrity within the organization.”

Fox News Sunday staffers were “shocked” when O’Donnell cancelled after extensive promotions were done about her appearance, the same Fox source said, adding that frantic efforts were made to change her mind.

“She shocked people when she changed her mind because she had made a commitment,” said the source who requested anonymity but had knowledge of the events. “There were calls made to her political advisors and her people to persuade her that it was a bad idea. I think people were very upset and felt it is unprofessional to make a commitment to a Sunday show when the audience is made up of influential people.”

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