Sunday morning open thread

Slept on and off most of the day yesterday, and then got up today at noon. Having a nasty time with the jet lag, day 3, which is usual for me when I’m heading east. Went to dinner last night with my friend Fabien, who has appeared in my photos before. We went to a typical French place in the Marais and both got duck. The duck here really is wonderful – fatty, to be sure – but just wonderful. And it comes with potatoes that you might as well just slap on your hips and your heart.

While there, I saw on the “specials” board a dessert called “pain perdu,” or “lost bread.” I had heard of this, but couldn’t remember what it was, so I asked Fabien. He said you take old bread, dip in a mixture of eggs, milk and sugar, and then cook it up in a frying pan. In other words, French Toast! LOL Though here they don’t serve it with syrup. Last night it was topped with strawberries and ice cream. Still, I’m wondering if this is how French Toast got to be called “French,” because someone was referring to pain perdu?

And now I leave with with a twitter moment:

RT @pourmecoffee: Chelsea Clinton married. Republicans vowing to repeal.

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