Mississippi middle school only allows white students to be class president

Where else besides the land of Dixie? Any time Mississippi wants to leave the union, please go.

If you’re black and a student at one public middle school in Mississippi, you can’t run for president – only whites need apply.

Nettleton Middle School in Nettleton, Miss., has segregated its elected class positions by race, according to a memo sent home with children at the school last week that was obtained by NBC News.

NOTE FROM JOHN: You really have to read this story. It’s incredible. Yes, the policy was put in place 30 years to ensure that black kids were guaranteed a seat on the student council. Only problem, black kids still weren’t allowed to be class president. So the school kept the policy, in writing, and no one thought it was a problem that in 2010 the written school policy was that only white kids could be class president.

I’m sorry, but the principal of that school should be under a Justice Department investigation, as should any and every teacher who was involved in these elections. What kind of a racist pig hands out a piece of paper saying that only white kids can be class president, and doesn’t sense a problem with that?

Seriously f’d up state, Mississippi.

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