Greg Sargent on why Prop 8 will cause more problems for the White House

Greg Sargent’s Plum Line:

Is Obama’s position on gay marriage sustainable?

That seems to be one of the core political question in the wake of the decision to overturn Proposition 8. How can the president continue opposing gay marriage while supporting the decision to strike down Prop 8, on the grounds that it’s “discriminatory,” as the White House said in a statement last night?

Making it more dicey, the White House statement also said that the president continues to push for “full equality” for gay and lesbian couples. How can that not include support for gay marriage?

The problem for the White House is that the Prop 8 decision will force this issue onto full boil nationally, just as the Arizona law did with illegal immigration. And heading into his 2012 reelection campaign, the gay and lesbian community — an important Dem constiuency — will be demanding full support for gay marriage, and a repeal of DOMA.

They’ll be demanding complete consistency, and won’t want to be lectured about what is and isn’t possible amid some arbitrarily defined “political reality.”

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