Gay Intergenerational ‘Inception’ Experience

Funny story… Partner and I went to see the very intriguing movie “Inception” last night. Well, he is a “snoring machine” as I’ve mentioned several times before on here. There was a really cute young gay couple who chose to sit several seats next to us on the same row. I recognized they probably deliberately chose to sit there after looking at us doe eyed, flicker of recognition then smiling knowingly like, “Awwww, that will be us in thirty years!” The interaction between old gay couple and new on our mutual “movie date” was cute.

Anyway, during the movie “the snoring machine” started doing his best vacuum cleaner impression. I was appalled. The young gay couple looked over at us with horrified expressions on their faces, and I grimly shook my head with a “Just wait, kids, this will be YOU in thirty years…” I then sharply elbowed him and he woke up absolutely furious with me because he had been DREAMING he was watching the movie, and wondered why I was harrassing him. Later, he thought the whole situation was just hysterically funny. I’m not going to spoil the movie for everyone, but anyone who has seen “Inception” will get the obvious situational comedy of this happening. I asked, “What level are you on right now?” when he finally came back to “reality.” Oh, and go see “Inception” it is really good.

Reader “Indigo” provides a “think piece” link via “Salon”. h/t and thanks “Indigo.”

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