Family Research Council has a really bad ad attacking Reid on DADT

Poll after poll shows strong support for the repeal of DADT. We’ve even got hard core right-winger Liz Cheney on our side. But, the gay-obsessed Family Research Council is undaunted. Those right-wingers are on the air with an ad attacking Harry Reid over DADT repeal. Actually, it attacks “HARRY REID and HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVISTS.” The ad looks like something produced for local cable back in the disco era. See for yourself:
Not sure how this ad helps with any normal voter. The gay haters are already on board with Angle.

My guess is that, given the timing, FRC’s ad is not so much about the Senate campaign. It’s more about trying to make Reid delay consideration of the Defense Authorization bill, which currently includes the DADT repeal legislation. As we noted earlier today, Republicans want to push this issue into the lame duck session in order to kill it. FRC is hoping this ad psyches out Harry Reid. I can’t imagine it will work.

This does show that our opponents are willing to go to any lengths to prevent the repeal of DADT.

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