Don’t drink coffee when you read this

FAIL! Oh, MASSIVE FAIL! I tried to drink my coffee while reading a gem of a post over at Wonkette! Oh, AMERICAblog Gay readers if you are in the mood to laugh, and laugh hysterically, please trot over to “Wonkette” and read “Ann Coulter to Blame for Gayest Wingnut Slapfight Ever.” The title alone is worth a belly laugh. Excerpts abound, but here:

Did everybody hear about the big shame-party that the homosexual conservatives are throwing in New York City for Ann Coulter? If this news missed you, worry not, for there likely will be tickets available until several weeks after the event. But let’s catch up. This group is not kidding when they call themselves “GOProud” — or at least they don’t understand why we think it’s funny — and they are throwing the first annual “HomoCon,” which will be just like Comic-Con, except the virgins will be humorless and homosexual, and at least 99% white.

THEN, a whole new section of the gay community weighed in when anti-gay Peter “Porno Pete” LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, had a massive conniption fit over the fact that Ann Coulter had chosen to eat lunch with THOSE girls, and moreover, was pretending she didn’t even know this “Peter” girl. Get a load of the social rejection in this quote:

Would Ann Coulter speak at an event for “Republicans For Responsible Porn Use,” or “Republicans for Higher Taxes,” or Republicans for Choice (Abortion) — if such groups took legitimately conservative positions on other issues like gun rights?

Imagine what a Sad-fest that “HomoCon” is going to be?

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