Dems Beware

Here’s a scenario that would have sounded laughable a year ago but no longer seems implausible. Imagine the year 2016. Republicans appeal to LGBT voters by claiming responsibility for ushering in marriage equality throughout the nation. They point out that a Republican judge, a Republican governor and a Republican attorney were instrumental in repealing Prop 8, while the Democratic president did everything he could to stall progress on an important civil rights advance.

It could happen, Dems.

Liz Newcomb is an attorney by day and committed LGBT activist by night and weekend. She has worked as a researcher at the Williams Institute. While in law school at UCLA, she was Articles Editor of the LGBT law journal. Liz lives in West Hollywood with her wife, Lynne. They are one of the 18,000 California same-sex couples who got married during the summer before proposition 8 passed. Liz has lived in California for over 20 years and brings a left coast perspective to AMERICAblog.

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