Black males aren’t graduating like they should? Blame the gays

From Holy Bullies:

A column I read this morning in the American Spectator by Concerned Women for America “senior analyst” Janice Crouse had me reeling due to its audacity to deceive.

The goal of Crouse’s piece was probably to demonstrate just how the recent Proposition 8 decision and gay marriage in general is hurting the black community.

However, what she accomplished was showing yet again how some on the right, especially the religious right, dishonestly manipulate facts and figures.

In her piece, Why Young Black Males Are Not Graduating High School, Crouse seems to be trying make a correlation between a recent report by the Schott Foundation (in which the overall 2007-08 graduation rate for Black males in the U.S. was only 47 percent) and the recent Prop 8 ruling…

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