Best counter-protest ever

Huff Post has assembled a series of photos of pro-gay protesters pwn-ing anti-gay protesters. Here are a few, they have a lot more.

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  • flug32

    He forgot to add, “DENIM can set you free” . . .

  • SCLiberal

    I love it when humor is used to counter hate. Just love it. This same approach was used to foil a KKK rally.

  • Chuckfaz

    check out my pix from a rally held in DC last Fall. A bunch of hate preachers tried to get arrested preaching hate but instead, were greeted by a lot of peace and love.

  • InL_A

    The lady’s expression in the “I’m With Stupid” photo is hilarious!

  • PeteWa

    that’s a pretty powerful photo, Michael.

  • LOVE.IT!

  • Michael @

    Fun. But my favorite [and not because I took it] takes a different approach. On the left is Chip Arndt, president of Miami’s Freedom Democrats, and out gay winner [with his former partner Reichen Lehmkuhl] of 2003’s “The Amazing Race.” Photo taken at 2005’s Equality Forum in Philadelphia which is traditionally harassed by Jebus fascists, sometimes using bullhorns to try to drown out EF speakers.

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