2,000 march in Kathmandu Pride parade

Wild. I love the addendum Rex ads at the bottom of the article:

Sunil sent me these great pics just a few minutes ago. I know we’ve had this Interwebs/InnerTubes thing for like 18 years now, but it still blows my mind that I can sit in my underwear in San Diego and publish a report and photos from Nepal, to the entire planet, the same damned day the story happened. You young’uns have no idea what it took to report international gay news in the ’80s, which I did. I oughta work on a little blog essay about how I did it back in the era of $2-a-minute international phone calls, jammed thermal-paper fax machines, and boat-mail exchange subscriptions with fledgling foreign-language gay newspapers from all over the world. As for photos, that was a $100, two-day FedEx adventure, in the best-case scenario. My first fax machine, by the way, cost $800 in 1980s dollars.

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