Politico executive editor says those who attack Teabaggers as racist are creating a dangerous political climate

Yes, because now suddenly Politico is worried about getting too extreme and hurting the culture. Putting that aside for a moment, calling the Teabaggers on their racism – anyone remember people spitting on John Lewis and using the n-word? – suddenly makes you the back guy and them the victim. As if this dangerous political climate started because people are standing up to the far right of the Republican party. Or rather, Dick Armey, the guy behind the Teabaggers, was part of the Gingrich revolution in the early 90s that perfected dangerous political climates and raised them to a fine art. Does anyone remember the Teabaggers shutting down townhall meetings last year, and making fun of people for telling their heart-wrenching health care stories?

It seems the Politico has now bought into the religious right’s favorite insult: You’re intolerant of intolerance. Yes, we are.

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