Missouri Teabaggers: We have NOT endorsed Roy Blunt. And, they’re angry at Bachmann.

Woah. There’s a major intra-GOP cat fight underway in Missouri.

Seems Michelle Bachmann, founder of the House Teabagger Caucus, is going to be campaigning this weekend for GOP Senate candidate Roy Blunt. His primary is next Tuesday, August 3rd. Joe the Plumber did an ad for Blunt’s right-wing opponent, Chuck Purgason, this week.

Well, the Missouri teabaggers are NOT happy. Not at all. They’re not for Blunt and want everyone, including Bachmann, to know it. Sean at FiredUp Missouri has the details:

KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney: “More that two dozen Missouri TEA parties say a bid by US Senate candidate to capitalize on their movement has ‘shocked’ them…’Roy Blunt voted for TARP and Cash for Clunkers. For Michele Bachmann to come to Missouri and give the impression that all the Missouri Tea Parties support Roy Blunt is an abomination of everything we have been standing up for,’ said Jedidiah Smith, a Tea Party leader in Franklin County, Missouri.”

And, here’s that Teabagger press release.
teapartypr http://d1.scribdassets.com/ScribdViewer.swf

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