It’s official! Caster Semenya is a woman…

Hooray! (snark…)

I thought G-d created Adam and Eve? Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when outside agencies get to classify someone as male or female? Semenya is proof positive that gender is not binary. Male and female gender is a fluid, dynamic and diverse ontological condition for humans and other species. Just because the majority of people are more easily classified doesn’t mean there are those who are not. Shouldn’t they be able to decide whether they are male, female or both?

The international track star, sidelined for nearly a year as a debate raged over her gender, was cleared for competition Tuesday by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

The South African sensation won the 800-meters in last August’s world championships, setting a world record.

But her deep voice, coupled with a dramatic improvement in speed and muscle, stirred sparked speculation about her gender. She has not run competitively since.

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