How to lose an 11 point lead in seven weeks?

We love Sharron Angle:

Throughout Angle’s primary campaign, the conservative candidate touted a wide range of controversial views as she took to the campaign trail to sell her candidacy.

From expressing her desire to “phase out” social security to appearing to advocate for an armed insurrection if “Congress keeps going the way it is,” Angle didn’t fail to raise eyebrows in communicating her positions.

The Tea Party-backed hopeful has made visible efforts to soften the language she uses to communicate her views since securing the Republican nomination; however, her statements have nevertheless been well-documented.

Here are a few examples of stances Angle has taken that have led her to face criticism and scrutiny:

- Calling the BP oil spill an “accident” and suggesting to “deregulate” the oil industry

- Offering advice to victims of rape considering abortion: ‘Lemons can be made into lemonade.’

- Advancing abortion-causes-breast-cancer myth

- Expressing a desire to abolish Social Security

- Raising the possibility of an armed insurrection

Yeah, armed insurrection against the government was my personal fav.

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