Dem congresswoman says ENDA may now take 5 years

Five years? We were told last year. What the hell is going on?

Asked later in a brief interview if that meant the House would not vote on ENDA this year, [Congresswoman Jackie] Speier [D-CA] told the B.A.R. , “The rest of the year is in question.”

“There’s no question ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ will be history this year,” she said. “ENDA, we will have that law for sure within the next five years.”

Speier, a Democrat whose district includes parts of San Mateo and San Francisco counties, said she was acknowledging reality.

“I’m being realistic,” she said.

If they can’t pass ENDA with super-majorities in both the House and Senate, and a Democratic president who won by a wide margin and had a 70% approval rating (and an opposition that was in ruins), then it may take a lot more than five years to “improve” the situation enough for Democrats to be comfortable keeping their promises to insignificant little pariahs like us. At this point, none of their top promises to us – ENDA, DADT or DOMA – will be kept by the time the elections wipe out the Democratic Congress (or severely wound it) this fall.

Does anyone still think it’s too early to complain?

As for her comments about DADT being “history” this year, that’s a lie. I’m getting tired of members of Congress, the administration, and the media misrepresenting what the DADT compromise does. It does not repeal DADT. It repeals DADT at some future date if, and only if, the President, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Secretary of Defense all agree. Not only does the legislation not require that this ever happen – the law could remain on the books forever under the legislation – but it also doesn’t state what should replace the current DADT law. They could come up with something worse, and the new law would permit that. So please, stop with the “it’s history this year.”

No one who came up with the compromise can answer a simple question: When do the discharges end? When they come up with that answer, then we’ll start cheering.

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