CREW corrupt candidates update: Jeff Greene

We talked here about the CREW 2010 Crooked Candidates site. They’ve just added another, Democrat Jeff Greene — and he’s, yep, a Floridian. (Is it the water?)

Jeff Greene (U.S. Senate, Florida): Mr. Greene is a business man and a Los Angeles real estate mogul.

While self-financing his Senate campaign, Mr. Greene appears to be skirting Federal Election Commission regulations by not giving complete information regarding vendors used by his campaign. Mr. Green is financing his campaign, in part, through a series of in-kind contributions, but the campaign has not revealed the names of the vendors providing services. . . .

In 2005, a multimillion dollar yacht owned by Mr. Greene dropped anchor on an environmentally sensitive coral reef off the coast of Belize causing major damage. . . . Mr. Greene also has been criticized for amassing his wealth through credit default swaps and subprime mortgages. In fact, Mr. Greene was likely the first individual to trade credit default swaps. . . . Finally, Mr. Greene paid Democratic National Committee member Jon Ausman $4,000 for political consulting and strategy six days before Mr. Ausman endorsed Mr. Greene for Senate.

Busted up a coral reef with a yacht anchor? Sheesh. And I think that Ausman guy got seriously taken — $4000 looks like pin money to me.

Click through to read about Ron Howard’s dealings with Greene. Again, sheesh.


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